New Batteries & Chargers

Batteries and Chargers for electric lift trucks, ground support equipment, mining equipment and AGVs
EnerSys is the world leader in stored energy products and solutions with a broad line of batteries and chargers for electric lift trucks, ground support equipment, mining equipment and AGVs. They can trace their roots to 1888 to pack over a century of design innovation and commitment to quality into their Ironclad® and General Battery brand batteries and chargers.

Hog Forklift Batteries

First introduced in 1910, the Ironclad® tubular plate design is well established as the performance leader. For almost a century, Ironclad® batteries have proven themselves as reliable, rugged performers in thousands of applications and work environments. Superhog, Loadhog, Deserthog, Workhog, Smarthog and the Smartpack are the most powerful line of batteries you can buy!

Loadhog, Superhog, Deserthog, Smarthog Forklift Batteries

Enersys General Battery for Forklifts with Great Quality and Warranty

The General Battery line from EnerSys includes The General, Renegade, and HUP brands. General Battery features a flat-plate design for reliable, cost-effective power.  This line provides the long service life and dependable power. Their focus on quality and technology is backed by one of most comprehensive warranties in the industry. General Battery is the "First Name in Lasting Power!"

For more information on our batteries and chargers, please visit our subsidiary company Rocky Mountain Battery.

General Forklift Batteries, Renegade, and HUP