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Forklift Services

Our service department can help you in many ways with your forklift services:

Field Service

Our field service technicians are available locally by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of our technicians will normally be at your door within four hours of your service call. Routine maintenance items are stocked on board the field trucks.

Shop Service

If you need major repairs on your forklift, our shop service is for you. We can pick up and deliver your forklift for a flat rate, or you can deliver it to our shop yourself. Our service department will diagnose and prepare an estimate and give you a time frame for completion of the repair. Fill out the form below or call your local branch for a quote on your lift trucks.

Planned Maintenance Program

FMH offers a full-scale planned maintenance program that will lower your overall lift truck maintenance costs by reducing costly unscheduled major repairs caused by insufficient routine scheduled maintenance. Fill out the form below or call your local branch for more details and a quote for your lift truck.

Rental Lift Trucks

If your lift truck is in our shop, we will rent you a lift truck for a discounted rate off our normal rental rates.

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