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Preventative Maintenance & Safety Inspection

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Preventative Maintenance & Safety Inspection

Steam Clean Lift Truck
Brake System
• Inspect service brakes and adjust (Planetary brake units quoted additionally) • Check master cylinder operation • Inspect parking brake operation • Re-pack drive wheel bearings

Ignition and Electrical Systems
• Complete tune-up • Check generator/alternator output • Check starter current draw and operation • Visual inspection of wiring • Clean battery, terminals and tray

• Complete chassis lube and inspection • Change engine oil and filter • Service or replace engine air filter • Change transmission oil and filter (except transmissions requiring disassembly for service)

Cooling System
• Clean radiator and check air flow • Pressure test and flush system • Check all hoses and belts • Check water pump condition • Install fresh antifreeze

Steering System
• Inspect bearings and repack • Inspect king pins and inspect linkages • Inspect axle condition • Inspect all hydraulic cylinders and hoses